Pricing: For General Funerals:

Hardings ‘professional fee’ for a personalised funeral is generally expected to be at $5500.00 Inc GST. It is influenced by the choices you make, meaning a simple funeral is less expensive, than a complex one.

Our fee includes the planning interview, newspaper notice composition and placing; contacting and coordinating with other providers such as the venue, celebrant, caterers, and afterservice venue. We will file all documentation for the cemetery or crematorium. We can assist with declarations, legal advisements to WINZ, medical offices and arrange purchase of a certified death certificate from the Birth Deaths Marriages registrar. It includes (if you want) graphic design for service sheets and memorial books.

The directing and oversight of the funeral is included, and the paying of accounts we agree to receive on behalf of the estate, combining them into one invoice and submitting that to the designated recipient.

The actual costings for your choice of items such as casket, newspaper notices, memorial book, service sheets, casket flowers, sound systems, mileage etc are in addition to Hardings professional fee. Disbursements (costs paid on behalf of) are always charged at their invoiced amount.

Other costs, such as donations to celebrants and organists and so on, are in addition to our professional fee.

Of course with Hardings, families will always be welcome to personalise their own slide shows, service sheets, memorial books, or even provide their own casket or even transport. Whatever it takes to personalise the occasion is encouraged.

IN ADDITION, some or all of the following will be needed, along with other purchases not listed here:
Prices are including GST:

Our preparations, (and embalming at different levels as determined by need), and laying to casket are separate to our service fee. Importantly, your clear understanding is required after a clear discussion should you decide embalming is not necessary.

Hardings have a good range of caskets starting from our Simple Pine casket (essential service) to our solid Mahogany casket. There are caskets that can be painted to a colour of choice, and eco friendly caskets that may be selected.

For additional information you are welcome to view our range in house.

Casket choice is guided by size, requirement, and suitability. These factors will influence overall cost.

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