Funeral Pre-Arrangement

Thinking Ahead​

A little advance thinking allows you to make important decisions in your own time, free from the stress and anxiety that surrounds bereavement.

A pre-arranged funeral guarantees that your preferences and choices are clear to those organizing the service and can reduce the financial pressure on your family if you elect to pre-pay the funeral costs.

When pre-planning, it is usual to specify a desired venue, the choice of minister or celebrant, music, readings, choice of casket, refreshments, or afternoon tea.  Hardings are happy to discuss your ideas; we will listen to what you want, and how you would like for it to happen.


If you are considering residential care, it is important to note that pre-paid funerals of up to 10,000 are excluded from asset testing when determining eligibility for subsidy.

The FDANZ Pre-Paid Funeral Trust is an officially endorsed scheme, ensuring a lump sum is available to cover the cost of a funeral whenever it is needed.

This does not oblige you to select a funeral director in advance, a funds are held in a Westpac bank trust account under the participant’s name until required.

Acceptance is guaranteed with no medical assessment, and the scheme comes with a 21-day ‘free look’ period.

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