Personalising the Funeral

Hardings are committed to helping you create a personal atmosphere that reflects your loved one.

There is no limit to the ways in which a person can be remembered – we are here to help you find ways to honour and remember your loved one’s life and times.

Our team are experienced at creating touching photographic and video tributes as well as service sheets, memorial books, and music tributes.

Images and Momentos

Photos and videos are powerful ways of bringing a person’s memory to mind.

Hardings team will collect and compile your photographic and video memories into a tribute that may be used as part of the ceremony, a visual memorial at the reception, or any way you wish.

Hardings personnel


The use of symbols such as important awards or examples of their art and hobbies can all help bring the life of your loved one into focus.  Think also of flags, insignia, or even a pair of favorite gumboots, a display can give satisfaction by creating a display.  Talk to Hardings about how this could be something for you to achieve.

The lighting of candles to represent life and hope, or other symbolic acts also enrich the event and help those present to start to come to terms with the death of a family member or friend.

Service Sheets

Hardings Funerals offer personalized service sheets to help mourners participate in the service, as well as providing a memento for those attending the service.

Memorial Books

Hardings craft a memorial book as a tribute to your loved one which also provides a record of those who attended.  A memorial book is a significant and distinctive keepsake.

Record and Livestream

Hardings offer live stream and recording of that service for those who cannot be there on the day.  Alternatively, we can work with Pro Vison who can create a video tribute that is an edited version of the day.

Eulogy and Tributes

Creating a eulogy can be challenging.  A few minutes will not do justice to an entire lifetime, yet the right words can bring comfort and prompt others to share memories.

There are no set rules to writing a eulogy or giving a tribute, but you may want to consider some of the following:

  • Favourite quote poem or reading
  • Their spiritual outlook on life’
  • Any major milestones’
  • Interests and hobbies’
  • Anecdotes
  • Speaking on behalf of absent family or friends.

If you would like guidance in creating a eulogy, we are happy to help.


Flowers are a classic symbol of enduring memory and love, so tell us your preferences and we will organize floral arrangements that perfectly reflect your loved one.  In South Taranaki we have a range of talented florists that Hardings support in each town local to the town.

Hawera has three florists: This + That, Flower Potts, and Lovells Flowers For You.

Opunake: Fabulous Flowers.

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