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The team at Hardings Funerals have been having some interesting discussions around the water cooler this week, and after creating a post for Facebook, thought the local paper would be a good area to explain what the discussion has been.

What is pre-arrangement?

Pre-arrangement has always been an encouraged feature of funeral service. This process allows families the time to talk with each other about the type of funeral they would like to have. A funeral professional will document their wishes and ensures that when their time comes, family have a plan that ensures the deceased’s wishes are set out the way that person planned.

How has Covid19 affected funerals?

With Covid19 not going anywhere, at least not for a while, Kelly Judkins of Hardings says it is a good idea for people to review any current arrangements, so they are in line with what might be happening in the current climate.

“Aspects of the funeral you have chosen may not align with current levels of restrictions, and this can have an impact on a family and their grieving patterns,” Kelly says. “For example, if you wish to have your loved one at home, and the Taranaki region is experiencing a level that does not allow a body to go home, then think about what you would like to put in place when that is not able to occur. Do you wait until the shift in restrictions, or forge ahead on a different plan?”

How has Harding funerals responded to Covid19 restrictions?

During the last set of lockdowns, families who experienced bereavement with contact restrictions were offered the alternative of viewing with technology. “Zoom, livestream, facetime, and other technology became incredibly important where family could not be present in person, creating an intimate environment with articles of clothing, important personal items and sound to assist with filling the void of not being there in person. You might also want to consider how big your family and friend circle is. If gatherings are limited to ten people, twenty people or only slightly more, what does that mean for you, your family, and friends?

“This is again where technology has had to fill the void of traditional community gatherings and, in technology’s defence, families were able to catch up with relatives in England for a funeral that may not have happened otherwise.”

What if we have to change funeral venues due to Covid19?

When places of worship are closed, you may wonder whether your funeral will be limited to a funeral home. Hardings have a chapel that is able to cope with the smaller funerals and can livestream from anywhere with coverage onto their website. This is suited to any user, regardless of their technical ability. Technology is becoming a way of the future, and Hardings is right at the front of the race in that regard. “Covid19 and its associated restrictions will be around for a wee while yet. Therefore, it makes good sense to discuss with your family and your funeral director what the impact of potential restrictions has on your prearrangement plans, so that no matter what, your family knows what is important to you.

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